FEBRUARY 10: THE HOLY TRINITY of this country are the WASPS, JEWS. and MINORITIES: For example, in AMERICAN IDOL the three judges are a WASP, a JEW and a BLACK. Who is the Jew? The supposedly Latino girl,Paula Abdul. She is Jewish on her mother's side and they go by the maternal line. My first clue was when she got degenerate with a contestant. I immediately thought, "That's something a non-Torah Jew would do as non-Torah Jews usually are a mixture of Stalinism and Degeneracy. So I looked her up and BINGO!

August 2, 2005: I was watching GWEN IFEL on PBS late at night. I then realized she had the typical ROUND TABLE make-up: SHE is black. She has four others at the round table: TWO JEWS!!! and TWO BRITS!!! ( One is WASP and the other one is SCOT) .... This is the type of bigotry you will see everywhere even on silly things like "THE VIEW" where they open saying that its a wide open group of people. HA!!! Jews, blacks, brits!!!

At the STATIONERY STORES they charge four bucks for a stamp with a webpage on it and two bucks for a stamp pad. Stamp dollar bills and postacrds sent to EVERYONE in the newspapers. Addresses are on web.

TRIVIA: Earl Warren affected the Supreme Court probably more than anyone else in history. And when people are nominated by the president the first thing that everyone says is: HE BETTER BE QUALIFIED!!! Please note that unlike ALL the other Supreme Court people we ahve had in fifty years that EARL WARREN WAS NEVER, NEVER, NEVER A JUDGE!!!! He was just a politician. He jumped from NO qualifications to be a judge to RUNNING THE SUPREME COURT AND REALLY CHANGING THE COUNTRY!!!

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