Began 11/2004::::: Are you a "White-Ethnic"? If so, you have been getting the shaft for decades now. As it's been okay to segregate against you and to slander you as much as anyone else wants. And you have been definitely segregated against. Whenever anything is promised to any other group of people it is always you who pay for it. This has always been done quietly by including you in the category of 'white' along with the white groups that actually have the money, power, and influence. I have known this for years and so have many of you but it never hit the newspapers until former Republican Pat Buchanan devoted a nationwide newspaper column to it back in, I believe, 2000, and caused an uproar. Yet none of the people who attacked the column even claimed it was incorrect. What Buchanan wrote was that if you check the demographics of the Ivy League schools you will see that they allowed virtually no White Ethnics. They alloted 20% of their spaces to "minorities" and virtually all the rest go to WASPS and Jews. And its not the the Ivy League schools that do it but just about everything.

HERE IS SOMETHING TO DO: Make copies of the first page of this site. Put them in envelopes first. Later mail them anonymously to people who get letters to the editor published. Local people you can look up in the phone book for the mailing address. For people who get their letters published in big city newspapers you can try to get their home address via the web. If not and if they have a name that is not extremely common you can just put their name, city and state on the envelope with "please forward". Do NOT put a return address on the envelope and they will forward it. Even better is to look up the zip code of the city on the web or from an old Almanac. (Old Almanacs always had zip codes)

What is a White-Ethnic? Well, a rule of thumb is that its a person whose ancestors came from either South Europe or East Europe. But there is still some bigotry against the Irish and Americans of French descent.

The three main White Ethnic groups would probably be the Irish (always drunk on TV), the Italians (always Mafia on TV) and the Poles (always stupid on TV). But lately, due to the Mideast Wars, the French are now being shown as all cowardly).

Please note that Im just typing off the top of my head as I get ideas.

Here's an idea. Get some index cards. Get a map of Europe. Put the name of every ethnic group you can think of, one at a time on a separate card. Don't forget the Welsh, Scots, Jews, Basques, Serbs, Croatians. The Albanians are Muslims who have also moved into once Serbian Bosnia. Note that the Swiss are actually French, German, and Italian. Note that Belgium is actually French (Walloons) and German (Flemings). Now put them in order of money-power-influence in America.

Now here is a pet peeve of mine: I watch the morning 'news shows' ("TODAY" , "GOOD MORNING AMERICA" , Etcetera) and I watch the evening news shows at 6:30 PM on ABC, CBS, NBC. I notice that they are repeatedly using the words: "EXPERTS SAY" , "EXPERTS SAY", "EXPERTS SAY" ARRKKK Polly want a cracker. (Try counting how many times they use those two words on every channel). They never tell us what makes these people 'experts' or why we should put their opinions above our own and they rarely show them. BUT when they DO show them they put the 'experts' name right under his/her chin, and guess what?! They are almost always "WASPS and Jews" !!!! I guess all the rest of us white people are just too stupid to be "experts"

When I was a kid the WASPs ran everything. Then after WWII the Jews demanded and got equal time in the Ivy League schools (and everything else). Then the blacks pushed in. Then the Latinos. The white-ethnics were skipped over. We were supposedly represented by the WASPs and Jews who were also white. ...... Today, Saturday December 10, 2004 USA TODAY had a huge article about the "DIVERSITY" of Bush's cabinet and other high appointees. It lists all the people and what their heritage is. Guess how many WHITE ETHNICS are there?!! NONE!!! Just as always, THE TERM "DIVERSITY" REMAINS A CODE WORD FOR "SEGREGATE AGAINST WHITE-ETHNICS". Once again the "WHITES" mean "WASPS and Jews"... Robert Novak is a white-ethnic. Back in the 1970s he wrote a book about the white-ethnics, the only one I have ever seen. I forget the name but it's worth your looking for it. .... The Greeks are now angry as they have, once again, been portrayed as a nation of homosexuals and pedophiles.. The name of the man who made the movie is not that of a white-ethnic. ..... Have you noticed the fantastic amount of NEPOTISM in Hollywood? 99% of the people in the movies are related to someone else who brought them in. Back in the studio days that would never have happened. The guys who owned the studios, mostly Jews, had no reason to bring in the untalented relatives of Cary Grant or Spencer Tracy. They only hired the most talented. But now, each actor with a job in Hollywood makes one of his demands that the directors find jobs for their worthless relatives. That causes the same ethnic groups to stay in charge of Hollywood and all those riches. It keeps talented white-ethnics out. There is a rule of thumb for figuring how much TALENT AND ABILITY it takes to get into a profession and that is by checking the amount of NEPOTISM in the field. For example, when Einstein became the most famous Nuclear Physicist in America he could not use his posion to get jobs as Nuclear Physicists for all his relatives. But movie stars sure bring their relatives. They say that "Acting is hard". Well, loading trucks is hard, I had such a job, but it takes no talent or ability and neither does being in a moview nowadays.

Go to the search engines and type in "white ethnics". WITH the quotation marks!

........ Under construction 11/04, 12/04 ... In the 1930s the ITALIANS made up a huge part of the population of New York City. They demanded an Italian mayor. They got Fiorella LaGuardia, a Jew!.... In the early 1970s the Puerto Ricans made up at least a million New Yorkers! They demanded a Puerto Rican TV reporter. They got Geraldo Rivera, a Jew!.... This morning I got up and turned on THE TODAY SHOW. They had two 'expert' psychologists talking about Toxic Relationships. They both had blatant Jewish names. And thats how it went all morning: lots of 'bergs' in the last names. 3-7-05

The problem with quotas is that they always want them by race rather than ethnicity. The Blacks should be told that if they were based on ETHNICITY instead of RACE they would still get the same percentage but they would now have many White Ethnics not opposing them as the White Ethnics would go WAY UP rather than FARTHER DOWN. For example, with RACIAL quotas the Poles get nothing while with ETHNIC quotas they would get FOUR PERCENT. And the same with all the other ETHNIC GROUPS! The way it is now, the WASPS and JEWS get most of the 80% of everything as they grab almost all the 80% that 'whites' get. 4-7-05

There are Black sites on the web. One is called, I believe, Black Voices.

FRIDAY March 11, 2005. This is my guess of the pecking order of ethnic groups in this country: WASPs, Jews, Dutch, Scottish, German, Scandinavian, Austrian, Irish (Anglicized), French, Italian, Irish (non-Anglicized), Greek, Spanish (Not Latino), Portuguese, Macedonian, Welsh, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Slovak, Croatian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian.... I have no idea where to place these: Albanian (But they are Islamic), Latvian, Estonian, Basque. ... ( Joseph P. Kennedy really anglicized himself and his kids so they could get ahead in politics.)

SATURDAY Match 12, 2004: LET US DISCUSS ATOMIC BOMBS!: Especially now when Bush is trying to stop Iran and North Korea from haing them.

When the USA got the BOMB in 1945 it was created mostly by WASPS and Jews. It was called a good thing.

When Russia got the BOMB in 1949 we were told it was a bad thing.

When England got the BOMB we were told it was a good thing.

When France got the BOMB we were told it was a bad thing.

When China got the BOMB we were told it was a bad thing.

When Israel got the BOMB we were told it was a good thing.

When Pakistan got the BOMB we were told it was a bad thing.

When Ukraine got the BOMB as a result of the USSR splitting up we were told it was a bad thing.

We are told that it will be bad if Iran and North Korea get the BOMB.

Do you notice a pattern here? The BOMB is only good when WASPs and Jews make it. But not when anyone else makes it.



JUNE 1, 2005. So DEEP THROAT turns out to be the guy who was next in line for J. Edgar Hoover's job when he died and was passed over by Nixon so he figured to get revenge by working with two Washington Post reporters, one a WASP and the other a JEW. Figures. Nixon got the working class white-ethnic vote in 1972 when the Democratic Party, which had been PRO-WORKING CLASS and PRO-WHITE-ETHNIC from 1928 until 1968, was taken over by the spoiled brat WASP/JEW hegemony who hated the working class and white-ethnics. Deep Throat got his revenge on Nixon and Woodward and Bernstein got to overturn the 1972 election.


What you can do: We have got to stop the fragmentation of white ethnics. We must work together. This must be started by getting the Big Three ethnic groups together; Irish, Italians, Poles. They also have the same religion to make things easier. Then the other types of white-ethnics should be brought in. If they can all be brought together at the same time that is even better. The idea of unity should be constantly pushed on the web and in the other media such as letters to the editor. There are ethnic organizations on the web and we should all contact them and push these ideas of a Confederation. The reason I created this site was so that people would not have to keep repeating themselves. This web address can be sent to the organizations by different people who agree with the basics and then they can add what they want.

Please place the above web address all over the web so that others can get here and do so as well.

Today, Saturday December 4, 2004, on the editorial page of my local paper was an article by national columnist Ellen Goodman. ( ellengoodman@globe.com )She attacks Conservatives who complain about colleges being too Liberal and she says that 87% of Full Profs are white and 77% are male. I wrote her a long letter telling her it's not that "whites" make up the money and power and influence in this country but "WASPS and Jews" (And she is Jewish not, of course, Polish or Italian or etcetera.)

Get your phone book. Pick out a WHITE-ETHNIC last name. Put it into a free People Search. It will give you a list of others with that name around the country and their full names and addresses. Mail them copies of this FIRST PAGE so they can then go to this site on their computers and then are asked to do the same.

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