2-4-05: Just starting this. Not edited and corrected yet. ____ I am Polish. Both parents.


There are twice as many Poles than Jews in America but Jews have VASTLY more money, power, and influence than we do. ..... If Martha Stewart was a WASP or a Jew she would NEVER have gone to prison..... Read about Michigan's "Poletown" on the web and how all those Pole lost their homes to 'eminent domain' because they were the wrong ethnic group......Type in POLETOWN on the 'address' part on the top of your screen. 2-4-05... 2-15-05: WHAT I DID: I opened my local phonebook and picked a Polish last name at random. Then I typed it into a free People Finder and got the full names and addresses of people with that name around the country. Then I sent each one a copy of this page. Now I am hoping that YOU will do the same thing. This causes a CHain Reaction. ..... People are always saying, "But what can I do???" All you have to do is to recruit others and tell them to recruit others. What happens when enough of people KNOW about this is that you REACH CRITICAL MASS and things just HAPPEN from there. Becuase by getting enough people AWARE of a situation there will be, in that CROWD, people who KNOW how to do things and have the money and connections to do them. This is what happened with the anti-Vietnam War people. They wer just kids who recruited and recruited until enough people with enough TALENTs and CONNECTIONs and KNOWLEDGE and MONEY showed up and started working together!!! The liberal term for it is AWARENESS!!! Get enough Polish people AWARE of what is going on and things will happen from the sheer numbers!!!!

I was going to type in a bunch of Polish history that I thought it would be important for Polish-Americans to know but I ran into some on the net to link to instead. As I do not have a PC and use a library pC and never learned to type (I use two fingers, it's easier to search for such things.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. As a kid I used to watch crowds of leftwing Jews march for STALIN in lower Manhattan. Members of my mothers family were murdered by his goons. At age 9 my parents moved out of our Polish neighborhood, up along the East River a few miles and one day I saw a Dr Seuss book on a table at a library and my mother went ballistic and said, "Look at those drawings. He is obviously sick and evil." I later learned that Seuss was the POLITICAL CARTOONIST of the Jewish Stalinists I saw. He was now being pushed by the leftwing media because of that. The book was not in the Polish neighborhood library because they kept it out. All the time I was in NYC the Jews were our masters. There were more Jews in nYC than in Tel Aviv and they really dominated us. The Jewish kids really rubbed it in as their fathers were in every power position over us. From Kindergarten I had always been in the highest class in each grade but when we moved out of our Polish neighborhood we went into a mixed-white neighborhood and every other male in my Honors classes was always Jewish as were most of the teachers. I was bullied unmercifully by Jews from Fourth to Ninth grade when I finally left NYC. I breathed easier when we moved here many miles away. No more Jews in charge for the first time. My joy lasted for two or three weeks. That was when the Jews exploded with their bigoted Polish Jokes. Those 'jokes' started right after the Second Civil Rights bIll was signed in August 1965. And they did NOT start with the public. They suddenly burst out in books and on TV! Jewish 'comedians'on TV and writing books. Jewish editors. Jewish owned publishing houses. They were all just the 'jokes' about blacks that had been floating around for decades and whispered between men. Now they were right in our faces! Most anoying were the Jewish comedians on the talk show who would stand there and spew poison at Polish people and then sit next to the host and then complain about racism and anti-semitism!!! My freshman year the guys on my dorm were shocked that I was an Astronomy/Astrophysics Major as I was Polish. Years later my fathers pet peeve was Rowan and Martins LAUGH-IN where each Sunday the Jewish Guy (Dick Martin) said nasty Polish Jokes to the WASP (Dan Rowan). It was the #1 show on TV. I soon learned to hate it as well when I was in college. Every one in the dorm would be inside their rooms watching it and the halls would be deserted. So I would go out for a walk, realizing that a new collection of hate would be sent out into the public to use on us. (To his credit, Al Capp, the Jewish cartoonist of L'IL ABNER never did it. But he was one of the very rare RIGHT WING Jews).2-28-05.... EVERYONE IS SUPPOSED TO BE SENSITIVE ABOUT JEWS BUT THEY CAN SLANDER POLES ALL THEY WISH!!! In 1968 my favorite department store was closed (I bought Avalon Hill Wargames there for just three dollars) because they were going to build the TWIN TOWERS on its site. I think it opened in 1972. I went to visit it with another Polish kid. We went inside and checked the names of the firms that move dinto it. All WASP and JEWISH names. Two hundred floors and nary a Polak! WASP and JEW firms to ship working class white-ethnic peoples jobs over seas. The recent PBS show on the TOWERS said that it represented 'everyone'. But the jobs they said for the non-WASPS/JEWS were the crappy ones. For the POLES they said "WINDOW WASHERS" Wow! We can stand OUTSIDE the bldgs looking in and clean them. When the TOWERS went down I was on the phone to another white-ethnic and we LAUGHED!! "Look at all those WASPS and JEWS being blown out the windows". "Thank God there is ONE group of people on Earth who will stand up to the "WASP and Jew hegemony", I said, referring to Islam........

If you agree with most of this please type the above http code on message boards around the net and also to newspapermen.

Thought: Go to various search engines and type in POLISH NEIGHBORHOOD, POLONIA, POLISH AMERICAN etc.... This is a library pC and it won't let me get into email adresses to send this site code. It just won't load. If you have a PC at home, you can. (My father's hospital got all my money. $4,000 a day for intensive care. I get a good laugh at the TV ads for insurance that offer old people a few hundred a month if they get sick)

Martha Stewart is out. I wonder why she was allowed to RISE in the first place. Was she once married to a Jew or a WASP? Is that where "Stewart" came from?

I also wondered how Leelee Sobieski was allowed to rise. Then I went around the web and came to a quote where she said she was brought up both celebrating both Polish Catholic AND Jewish holidays. 3-7-2005

MAY 7, 2005: The newspapers said that the ONLY officer punished for the humiliation of the Muslim prisoners was a female general with a Polish name. They also said that there was just one other officer they went after but failed and he was her assistant who ALSO had a Polish name. The news was in the three NYC newspapers- all very Jewish. How come there are twice as many Poles than Jews and they have everything while claiming to be the underdogs? Why won't you rise up against this crap? The way to do it is to pass the word to as many people as you can and eventually things will reach a tipping point or a critical mass as Poles with money and knowledge and connections will eventually be drawn in. AWARENESS is what creates movements. Once enough of people KNOW of a wrong things automatically start to happen.

Ever read a book called The Hidden Game of Football? They have a list of players they say should NOT be in the Hall of Fame. Guess what!? It's written by wasps and is against people with East European names.

May 10, 2005 The Unabomber was Polish. But I realized how weird he was when he got into all that spoiled brat Liberal Environmentalist stuff. That stuff is a religion-substitute for kids whose monied parents gave them money but NOT heritage or religion. Sure enough, both his parents were Polish BUT they had gone to college in the 1940s which was pretty much unheard of. They brought him up in the upper middle class suburbs without teaching him his heritage or religion. One Polish secular humanist is weird enough but to have TWO of them as parents was really weird for Polish people.

Please note that I just add things off my head now and then. I may repeat myself. I'm not going to reread everything each time I return.

POLISH JOKES HISTORY: There have always been nasty jokes going around about different type of people but what happened with the so-called Polish jokes was very different. The other jokes started at the bottom. That is, they were started by common people who told them to others. HOWEVER, the Polish Jokes were a DELIBERATE ATTACK FROM THE TOP DOWN. I remember it like yesterday. It was AUGUST 1965. The SECOND CIVIL RIGHTS LAW was in all the papers. Lyndon Baines Johnson was all over TV signing it. And within just a few days Polish Jokes suddenly exploded all over the NATIONAL MEDIA!!!! All the little bigoted jokes about other types of people never were picke dup by the national media. But here the national media did much more than just pick up Polish Jokes, THEY WERE THE ONES CREATING AND PUSHING THEM!!! Suddenly, the late night talk shows were putting on stand up comedians who stood there and 'joked' about how stupid and dirty Polish Americans were!! And then they would sit next to the host and say what a wonderful thing the new Civil Right bill was and how evil it was to say bad things about Blacks and Jews. The hypocrites! Of course most of the 'comedians' were left wing Jews. Their names were quite obvious. (Note: None of the older Jewish comedians did it. It wasnt the old SHOW OF SHOWS people like Sid Caesar and his co-actors and writers; it was the new younger ones). It was the same with the POLISH JOKE BOOKS. They were done by Jewish writers and printed by companies that were Jewish owned. Those books sure appeared suddenly. I have always believed that the reason for Polish Jokes was to shift the pressure away from the leftwing blacks to the Catholic Poles and that it was the idea of the leftwing Jews who dominated the media. Note also that the Poles had no fans in those days. The LEFT hated us because we were Catholic and the RIGHT hated Poland for being in the WARSAW PACT with the USSR. (Remember the Goldwaterites and their national boycott on Polish Hams!?)

I used to dread Sunday nights in the late 60s as ROWAN (wasp)AND MARTIN (jew) came on and spewed hate at Poles on LAUGH IN and it was the number one tv show in America. Those damn jokes were pushed, mostly by leftwing Jews and wasps in 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978. Then we got a Polish pope and things SLOWLY got a little better. But there were still lots of them in 1979, 1980, 1981. But then SOLIDARITY got big in the media and things got a bit better. I recall that the tv show "TAXI" had TWO characters to offend us. One was a dope ridden Pole and the other was a mix of a Pole and an Orthodox Slav. I consider thw really horrible Polish Joke era to be 1965-1985. They are still around but nothing like they were in that era. 7-14-05


Next: The incredibly evil Dr Seuss.

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